Thursday, January 22, 2009


I keep telling myself that I won't buy more fabric until I use most of what I currently have, or at least finish all the projects for which the fabric was originally intended. HA! I love pretty fabrics, and it seems that I just can't resist buying more even when I have plenty, or when I don't have anything "really" planned for it...

So I am going to try to be more responsible! Buy fabric for a particular project, then actually COMPLETE that project. I am posting some of my fabric below, along with my ideas for its usage. Hopefully that will help me stay on track:-)

My most recent purchase--
On the left are three fat quarters by Joel Dewberry. I love his designs! These fat quarters will make adorable diaper clutches. The fabric in the middle and on the right are half yard lengths of Amy Butler fabric (from her Belle line). I think I can make diaper clutches AND some coasters from this fabric...but I like the Kashmir (fabric on the right) A LOT and might use it for something different.

This next picture was my last big fabric purchase before Christmas, and in looking at the stack of fabric, I have used more than I realized! The top two fabrics in green were used to make an apron, the brown/cream was used to make a nursing cover, and the Christmas fabrics on the bottom were used for coasters (Christmas gifts). So I used 5 out of 7 fabrics--not too shabby! I still need to make a diaper clutch out of the remaining brown fabric, a dress for Girl out of the treed birds, and something else out of the pink. Someday I will!

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