Saturday, January 31, 2009

Living Green

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am playing along with the "Mom Time in '09" blog party that is going on at Jolly Mom and Go, Graham, Go. In addition to lots of wonderful giveaways (you should definitely check them out!), they are asking a series of questions to those in the blogsphere, hoping that by sharing answers we are all learning from each other. The latest question is "What are some simple things you do to live green?" Below are two lists--one of what we are currently doing, and one full of ideas I hope to incorporate in 2009.

1. We use energy efficient light bulbs in all of our fixtures that we can (I have not found energy efficient light bulbs that work in one of our ceiling fans).
2. I make most of my household cleaners. Truthfully, I don't make toilet bowl cleaner--we use the little Scrubbing Bubbles flushable or disposable ones, so that is a little less of an environmental threat. I clean other things with a basic cleaner or scrub that I made myself.
3. I use cloth diapers on my infant son. We made the switch with my daughter about a year ago, but just started with my son. We were given enough disposable diapers to last until recently, so I am enjoying getting back into the cloth diapering habit. I love the fact that I am (re)using cloth on my little boy's bottom!
4. We recycle. That seems like such an easy thing, but we have not always recycled. However, we now live in a house that has recycling pick up--it is super easy to recycle now:-)
5. I try to stay home a couple of days a week. There was a time, especially when I had just one child, that I would run out every day! It is much harder to get out with two, and I find myself combining errarnds and trips as much as possible. That helps with gas and emissions.

Now on to what I would like to do in 2009:
1. Switch to cloth napkins. A friend bought restaurant quality napkins for cheap on EBay and I intend to do the same.
2. Stop using paper towels. Use cloth napkins and kitchen towels instead.
3. Switch to a mesh coffee filter.
4. Use my "real" plates more than paper plates. Paper is such an easy "go-to", but how much trash am I throwing away each year?
5. Repurpose and reuse--rinse out my ziploc bags and reuse them. Wrap gifts in newspaper comics. Regift (*gasp*) items that I don't want.
6. Make more food from scratch:-)
7. Get outside more--take walks, play in our backyard, make friends with the neighbors. Do those things instead of walking around Target (and inevitably spending money).

Hopefully, I will be able to tmplement many of these ideas this year. I'll let you know how we do!

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  1. #7 is too funny. I was just wandering around Target today out of shear boredom and cabin fever since it is raining again. I loved your ideas. Thanks for sharing.


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