Friday, January 16, 2009

All my friends have one...

An Ergo, that is. Don't know what an Ergo is? It is just (according to all my friends) the most amazing baby carrier around! It allows for hands free babywearing from infant to toddlerhood. Since I have both an infant and a toddler, that would be great! Seriously, my friends who have Ergo carriers swear by them, and use them all the time, even with toddler aged children. These carriers are available online from Ergo's website, and in a handful of authorized brick and mortar stores. The price tag is a little high for me, which brings me to the second part of the post: The lovely lady who runs the Jolly Mom blog is giving away an Ergo carrier and accessories! What a fabulous idea! Check it out here (and be sure to look at her other giveaways as well--I am completely addicted to online giveaways right now).

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