Monday, January 26, 2009

Making money online

Here are a few easy and (relatively) painless ways to make money online while you surf or shop or just vegetate.

Swagbucks pays you "swagbucks" (original, right?) when you surf the internet using their search engine. You build up the swagbucks and trade them in at their shop for different products or gift cards. You don't earn bucks every time you search, which is a negative. BUT for every friend who signs up under you, you earn swagbucks when they earn swagbucks! So check out this link, sign up under me and let's both earn some swag!

Ebates earns you money when you shop online. Simply use this site to find your favorite store, click on the link and start shopping! You will earn back a percentage of your purchase at each site. They have hundreds of sites, including Target,,, Joanns, Apple ITunes, Joseph A Banks, Shutterfly, Gap and more. Did I mention hundreds of stores? If you sign up for EBates right now, you and I will each earn $5.00!

YouData pays you to look at advertising. Register at YouData, fill out a detailed survey about your family and interests (but you don't give away any personal information), and start watching ads and surfing websites. You are paid a small amount for each ad that you look at. Your payment is deposited into a PayPal account once a week. You can't earn millions, but a little pocket change each month isn't bad. As more people sign up, the ads will hopefully increase, so spread the word!

How do you earn money online?


  1. I found your blog through Bloggy Giveaway. I forgot to look around before I put my comment on your giveaway...oops! I like this post. There are a few things on here that I didn't know about. I am going to check them out. If I do sign up for the swagbucks I will sign up under you, I will add you to my favorites list. I love to find new blogs to read!

  2. Great post! I use Ebates and have made $200 over the past couple of years, but I hadn't heard of the other two!


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