Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Orders #1--Fun and funky apron

My friend Jeni commissioned me to make an apron for her boss who runs a cafe called The Fat Finch (isn't that a great name?). Jeni picked the main fabric, so she really gets the credit for how cute this apron turned out.


  1. Hey Girl!

    I found your family blog from POH and drop in ocassionally.

    When do you find time for 2 blogs with 2 under 2? I'm really struggling to cook suppers, wash dishes, and clothes!

    What is your recommendation to someone who has a sewing machine but doesn't know how to use it? I want to hem my pants and make stuff for my 2 year old daughter but haven't a clue how to get started! I would love to make an apron for me, her, and one day) a "chef" outfit for my now 2 month old son! (I think your kids are around the same ages as mine and you emailed me once that you used to live in GA!)

    Any tips? I'll be checking back often... gotta go cook supper before they both wake up...


  2. Hi there!
    My name is Bethany. I am currently in your husband's Church His class. He'll know exactly who I am b/c he always teases me for asking so many questions in class! ( : I stumbled across you blogs from seeing a link on Amanda Goerge's blog. I love to sew and quilt too. My mom and I have a longarm gammill machine quilting business.
    Bye for now,
    Bethany P.


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