Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thrifty Christmas Idea #2--Christmas Coasters

For Christmas, several of our coworkers, friends and family are getting sets of these homemade coasters along with a mix of mulling spices (see next post for that recipe). I found my basic guidelines for the coasters
here and have adapted it some (i.e., I have not quilted these coasters and probably won't have time to!). This is an inexpensive yet cute gift. I bought a yard each of two different Christmas fabrics ($5.99/yard), a roll of crib sized quilt batting (approx. $5 with coupon from JoAnns) and a spool of thread ($2.50). Since I will only use about 1/2 yard of each fabric, here's how I will break down the cost:
Fabric: $6.00
Batting: $5.00
Thread: $2.50
Total Cost: $13.50
If I give the coasters in sets of 4, I have at least ten gifts. That is $1.35/a gift! If I give the coasters in sets of 6, I can do about seven gifts. That is $1.93/a gift. You can't beat that price for a set of fun, reversible holiday coasters. When coupled with a fun drink mix, it is a great gift.

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