Monday, May 25, 2009

The results of my fat quarter swap

I promise it didn't take this long to get all of my fat quarters from my recent swap. I simply forgot to take a picture, and then once I did, I forgot to post it! The fat quarter was so much, and I was thrilled with the number of people that participated. Sadly, one or two participants didn't follow through, but overall the success rate was good:-) The ladies I swapped with were so generous, and some even sent me a little extra!

Top row, left to right, fabric from Mo and Katy
Bottom row, left to right, fabric from Annie and Beth(who started it with the suggestion in the first place:-)
Now I just have to get up the nerve to cut into the fabric!

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  1. Yeah! you got some nice fq's in the mail! Cut into them and make something fun! That sucks a few people flaked, but at least it was only a fq and not more!


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