Monday, April 27, 2009

A week of baking

I love to bake, and this week I am going to get a baking workout!

As I type this, in my oven is the first pan of 30-50 chocolate chip cheesecake bars that I am making for a ladies event tonight. Also up this week--chicken salad sandwiches for a baby shower on Thursday, sausage balls and cream cheese mints for a (different) ladies event on Saturday, plus planning a cookout for my hubby's 30th birthday.

I also have a couple different sewing projects that I desperately need to finish this week (especially the one for the baby shower!), so we will see if I have enough time...

Just for fun, I will try to take pictures of my baking and post them as they are completed. I might even throw in a recipe or two if anyone is interested:-)


  1. I would love some recipes (especially the choc chip bars)!

  2. oh, I would love some choco chip cheesecake bars! yum!


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