Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Raising money for a good cause

Do you give to ministries and charities?

Later this month I am participating in the 2009 Walk for Life to raise money and awareness for my local Pregnancy Support Services. This wonderful ministry provides support, counseling and material needs for women and families experiencing crisis pregnancies. Each person walking commits to raise a set amount, but I really want to go above and beyond that amount!

Here are some things I am doing to meet my personal goal:
*collecting all of my loose change (and spare dollars when I can) into a jar specifically for Walk for Life
*holding a yard sale with all proceeds to benefit the Walk
*emailing friends and family
*posting about it on my blog :-) and Facebook
*donating proceeds of anything I sell in the month of April to the Walk for Life fund--more coming on that soon!

In this tough economic time, charities and ministries are suffering because charitable giving is down. Though I am participating in this special event at my local favorite charity, my "regular" charitable giving is not as high as I would like. Works for Me Wednesday is in reverse this week--we pose a question that we want people to answer. So here is my question--I don't have a problem trying to raise money for a special cause (like Walk for Life), but how do I find money for regular charitable gifts? When the wallet is tight, where do you find the money to give generously? Are you giving to churches, charities, and ministries? I need ideas for how to budget for charitable giving during budget crunching times--and if you have any great ideas for raising money for the Walk for Life, I would love to hear that as well!


  1. First...{applaud} I think so many people know it is going to be harder to fundraise right now and aren't even trying.

    Yes I donate to several things. Ideas that I have used/use/or have contributed to:

    1. Silicone wristbands. When purchased in bulk can be super cheap and sell really well.
    2. Sausage and Pancake Breakfast (this works well when there are several doing it).
    3. "You've been flocked", "You've been forked" or "Flush Away Cancer" If you google those, there are some cute ideas that you could modify to fit your cause.
    4. Duct Tape/Pie in the face/Dunk Tank - in an organization, talk to the boss/minister - if you raise $X by X date they will let you duct tape them to a wall. Google this one too. We are doing this one in our church for VBS.
    5. Our local crisis pregnancy center has baby bottles that they give to people to collect their change in for their donations.
    6. Host or have a Creative Memories Consultant host a scrapbook crop with money going toward charity.
    7. 50/50 raffles - sell raffle tickets at local events. These are always big money makers.

    Good luck!

  2. My husband is a domestic missionary and I am a SAHM. 100% of our income comes from generous donors who believe in our mission.
    Money for regular charitable gifts should come off the top. My husband and I consider all of our income to be an incredible gift from God and that 90% of it is to do with as we wish (even though paying bills doesn't seem like a want, they often are: we have options about cable, cell phones, ect. and can limit utility use, try to pay down debt, make frugal choices for cars and homes, etc) and all He asks is for that 10%. It helps us to think of His generosity in giving us 90% rather than feeling bogged down by output.
    As for the walk, way to go! Ask ask ask. It may not seem like it, but asking is the way to go! People WANT to give, you'd be surprised and the generosity that we have encountered just by asking! Be humble and enthusiastic about your cause!


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