Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fat quarter swap should be complete:-)

After being out of town for 10 days (!!!!!), I am finally back home. And doing laundry. Lots of it. Anyway, because of my time away from home, I don't have any sewing or cooking projects to show you. But I did come home to two small packages of fabric! My first fat quarter swap just finished--the mailing deadline was the second week of April--so everyone should have mailed their fabric by now. I will take a picture of what I have received once all the pieces come in. This is so much fun--I always loved getting mail as a child, and this has increased my eagerness for the mail to run:-) If you participated in my FQ swap, I would love to see pictures of the fabric you have received, or projects you make from the fabric. Please share, and thanks for playing along!


  1. I had an awesome swap! Thank so much for hosting it! I blogged about it at

    Have a lovely week!


  2. Thanks for running the swap! I recieved all my fatquarters and was much pleased!! :)

  3. I am waiting to take a pic until I receive my other two.. I did whoever use a bit of the fabric you sent me already! :)

  4. I have one more to receive and then I'll be blogging about it :) I figure that will give me time to figure out what I want to make!


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