Thursday, April 2, 2009

My small fundraising attempt

Though I am not ready for an Etsy store, on occasion I do sell the nursing covers, diaper clutches and other items that I make. A handmade gift is a special touch, and if I can help someone give a handmade gift, then all the better!

From now until April 24, anything that I sell will be a double gift--it will be a gift for someone special, AND all proceeds will go to benefit Pregnancy Support Services and the 2009 Walk for Life. I intend to cover the cost of my fabric and then all the rest will go into my "fundraising pot." I have posted a Flickr badge on my sidebar that shows several items I have already made as well as fabric swatches. Though I don't often have time to make things unless someone has ordered it (having 2 kids under 3 will do that), I hope to have some additions to my stash over the next two weeks.

If you are a new mom, or know a new mom who would be interested in a nursing cover, diaper clutch, or baby sling, please look through what I have and let me know what grabs your interest! The ministry of Pregnancy Support Services helps women and families dealing with crisis pregnancies and gives precious unborn children a chance for life. This cause is dear to my heart and I pray you will support me by buying some handmade items, spreading the word, or even giving generously yourself.

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