Friday, February 13, 2009


Recently, a friend handed me her business card and it was so cute that I immediately wanted one of my own (a business card, not a friend--though I love my friends!). The coveted business card had information on my friend's business, a bakery, with a fun tagline: "Solution to your sweet tooth." Since then, I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a fun tagline for my business card. I can't do it. I have nothing--zero, nada, nothing--that screams "this is a cute tagline." It may be that I don't have a strong purpose. I like to sew, and I like to sell the items that I sew, but that is not a good tagline. Most of my items are for new moms, but not all of them...I am still trying a few ideas out. I have to be careful how much I emphasize "unique" or "custom", because many people will associate that with "embroidered" and I don't do embroidery. Plus, I just want to be able to hand someone a business card with my blog on it, and let them hopefully enjoy the reading from there. They don't have to buy anything:-) Oh the dilemmas! What do you suggest?

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  1. I saw your comment on the sew mama sew swap, and thought I would come looking to see if you ever wanted to do a personal swap.

    I now see that you have children the same age as mine! Except my 28 month old is a boy! How strange, and what a small world!

    Have you looked at etsy for ideas? Maybe you dont need a tagline, but just a very nicely designed card with cool graphics? I just received custom shop stamps from etsy seller terbear, and they are very nice and she has a wide range to offer.

    Oh, and when you say custom, I ddint think embroidered, just one of a kind or unique :)


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