Thursday, February 5, 2009

Harris Teeter triple coupons!

Harris Teeter is tripling coupons (face value up to $0.99) today through Sunday. If you are reading my post and are heading to HT after this, expect that some of the selection will be picked through--it was already picked through when I was there right after lunch. Check out
Coupon Mom and Hot Coupon World for more information.

Here's how I did:
26.2% VIC card savings
36.2% triple coupon savings
62.4% total savings--Not too shabby:-)

I confess that I am not the greatest couponer, and I bought a couple of things for which I did not possess a coupon (I picked up Old El Paso brand instead of Ortega, and when I realized my mistake I told the cashier not to worry about it, meaning I didn't want to buy it...but when I came home I had purchased it! Oh well. You should always check before you leave. But you should also probably not take a cranky toddler and fussy infant with you either:-) Have fun!


  1. I just had to comment here with a little LOL. I think it's really neat when I'm looking at a random creative blog and I see something like HCW linking myself and the blog owner together. I'm a member over there as well as an admin at their sister site Organic Grocery Deals. My username at both places is Kristen.C You'll have to say hello if you get the chance :)


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