Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fabrics I have on hand

My local quilting store had a 'end of the bolt sale' today and I picked up a few cute fabrics (the first picture). You might recognize the pink fabric as one I have used before, and I love the green Amy Butler fabric in the middle. The pictures below it are just photos of what I currently have on hand. It helps me keep up with what I have and don't have...and I have a lot more fabric that I think I do:-) All of these fabrics would work well as a nursing cover or a larger project--these photos don't begin to show my smaller (1/2 yard or less) fabrics! :-)


*I don't have the green fabric on the left any more...oops!

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  1. oh, that big swirly dot green & blue print is awesome!my lqs has an end of bolt $5 sale twice a year too, I missed it last time though.. :(


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