Monday, December 21, 2009

It's a good week at CVS

Okay, I didn't take a picture because my camera has grown legs and walked off, but this is a good week at CVS. It was an especially good week for me because I took a survey for CVS and earned 15 ECB :-) SOoooooo, I bought:

Nivea body wash
Almay mascara
Oral B toothbrush
Oral B Glide floss (truthfully, don't remember the brand)
Thermacare heat wrap
CVS brand hand lotion
Hershey's candy bar
Boudreaux's butt paste

Used 20 ECB
Paid $4.09 Out of pocket
Earned almost 15 ECB
Not too bad! I am out of the CVS habit, or I would have bought a few items, and rolled over my ECBs to pay for the butt paste and candy bar. Alas, I am rusty. Anyway, I thought the deals were great, and was very excited to find everything I wanted actually in the store for once:-) It pays to go on Sunday afternoons. Happy savings and Merry Christmas to all!

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