Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Thrifty Christmas Gift Idea #4

This past weekend, my friend and I met in Charlotte, NC, to spend the day together. We went to the Mint Museum of Craft and Design, the Mint Museum of Art, and Ikea. All three places were AMAZING!

The museum gift stores contained many wonderful items, especially the gift store at the Craft and Design Museum (which specializes in handcrafted items in addition to typical gift store fare). I found these adorable vintage button rings and fell in love with them. I tried on multiple rings, but did not buy one because none of them felt right (I bought one for my friend's daughter, though:-). Then, at the next museum, they had another display of rings. Jeni walked right up, picked up a ring and said "This one is yours!" And it was (that is why she has been my friend for 20+ years)! I love this ring, and thought what a great gift this would make.

The internet being the amazing thing that it is, I found an easy tutorial for homemade vintage button rings here. Another fun gift for you to try!

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