Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Wonderland and a pie crust

After putting it off for a while because I loved the fabric so much, I finally cut into the rest of my Wonderland by MoMo layer cake and am working on another baby quilt. I was not pleased with how the last one turned out -- I did something wrong, but the recipient of the quilt loved it --so I am looking forward to 'trying again.' I have laid this quilt on a little more methodically than the last one, so we will have to see how that looks when completed.

And for those who enjoy food, I made my first pie crust this past week. My mom always made pie crusts when I was growing up, but I have been afraid to try them (kind of like quilting). But I took the plunge, and the crusts didn't turn out too bad! They might have even been good:-) The Pizza Rustica (see pic below) was delicious, with or without the pie crust


  1. Leah,
    I tried that same quilt pattern for my boys from Moda Bake Shop and also thought it was difficult to lay out and still make it look right. They loved the final result however and I think I love Wonderland and think I might use it for my next quilt.

  2. oh, that does look super yummy!!! good luck on this quilt, do you have a 1/4 inch foot? I found that using one helps me to get all my seams to line up.


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