Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Info for Labor & Delivery, pt.1

*I realize this is departure from my usual blog posts. I am a list-maker, and shortly before the birth of my first child, received a list of "what I should pack for the hospital" from a dear friend. I have expanded on that and created a Labor & Delivery document that I share with all my friends expecting their first child. Since I have several friends expecting their first baby soon, I thought I would post my information on my blog as well. I hope you find this four part series enjoyable and informative. Feel free to add your thoughts or advice!*

A disclosure: the information below is my opinion and my opinion ONLY. Everybody experiences pregnancy, labor and delivery differently, so what worked for me/happened to me may not work for you or happen to you. I share this information because it might help you at some point, or will at least give you a starting point.


  • I am not convinced that any one thing puts people into labor—and believe me, I tried it all: walking, raspberry tea (it is supposed to help stimulate uterine contractions), and yes, *even* sex. I did not have any contractions or signs of labor until I woke up in the middle of the night with powerful contractions.
  • It is hard to believe, but Lord willing, you WILL JUST KNOW when you are having real, labor-starting contractions. They wake you up out of a deep sleep, they do not go away with movement, they make you want to walk around, you cannot talk through them (and have to work on breathing through them), and they put immense pressure on your bladder and rectum (no offense, but when my contractions started, I went to the bathroom non-stop!).
  • Realize that your water may not break before you go to the hospital—and if it does break, it may gush or it may trickle. The experience is different for different women.
  • If at all possible, EAT before you go to the hospital, because they won’t let you eat there. Stay hydrated if nothing else.
  • Take a long, hot shower or bath—it will relax you and your body, help you not to fight the contractions, and make you feel better for what might be a ‘long haul.’
  • Relax and don’t fight against the contractions. If you have a chance to read up on the Bradley Method, they have great suggestions for relaxing positions and exercises to help you through the contractions. You can use these even if you do not use the entire Bradley Method (completely natural childbirth).
  • Trust your doctor and Labor and Delivery nurse. Ask your Labor and Delivery nurse any questions you have, and get her advice on anything of which you are unsure. She is there to help you and support you in any way she can—and you will LOVE HER for it!
  • Pray. Pray that you will clearly know when you go into labor. Pray for a healthy labor with no complications. Pray for peace from anxiety. Remember that God designed women's bodies to deliver babies, though while you are pregnant you may think the day will never come! Marvel at this amazing experience, and enjoy it!

    Tomorrow: What NOT to pack for the hospital...

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  1. Yay! I'm excited about this four part series! Keep the advice comin'!


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