Saturday, June 6, 2009

Online meal calendar

I recently discovered a wonderful online meal calendar that can be used to schedule meals for new parents, those who have lost loved ones, people recovering from surgery, etc. I don't know why I had not thought to look for these before, but once I started looking, I found several different online calendars.

Meal Baby

Care Calendar

Food Stork *this is a Facebook Application*

I LOVE the way these work--it enables those who want to provide meals to sign up for a meal and state what they are bringing. Others can then see who is bringing what so the recipients don't get five lasagnas in one week. It keeps the meal coordinator from getting bogged down with emails. It allows the meal recipients to state their food preferences or allergies. All in all, it is just really cool! Have any of you used these websites? I would love to read a review of them, and to know if there are more I should check out.

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  1. Leah-I just found out about sites like these, too! Another one is

    One thing I like about Care Calendar (not sure if the other ones do this or not) is you can schedule lots of types of things--not just meals! So, if someone needs yardwork, rides to appointments, babysitting, etc. you can schedule all of it right there for them! People are so smart to think-up these sites!


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