Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My apologies

To my readers, though I am sure they are few and far between right now,

I apologize for the delay between posts and the general inactivity on this blog. As you know, I am expecting my third child, and life is getting rather busy as Christmas (AND baby's arrival) quickly approach. I worked really hard on the craft and bake sale in early November and since then I have not touched my sewing machine much at all. I think that will be the case for several weeks/months as we prepare for baby #3 and adjust to life as a family of 5. All of that to say I do not know what this blog will look like, or how much time I will have to post. I may even end up moving most of this information to my family blog so all that I need to update is in one place. I am not certain yet. Thank you for bearing with me, for reading my posts and looking at my crafty projects! I pray that you would have a joyous Christmas season celebrating the birth and life of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Until later--many blessings to you!
Leah F

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  1. may GOD bless you and your family at this time! may your holidays be merry and bright


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