Saturday, August 28, 2010

Non-sewing craftiness!

I decided recently to take a break from sewing-related crafts, and work on becoming more 'well-rounded' in my crafting skills. I bought some fun buttons (sources: Etsy, Dick Blick [1 lb. buttons for $2.99!]), and spent a day or two playing with different color combinations. The results are below--I am quite pleased with how they turned out!

I linked to recently, and it was that website that had a book page canvas tutorial that I copied. One of her 'variations' on the tutorial was using sheet music, and I have a stack of old sheet music that worked perfectly! As a special inside joke to myself, the music I used is from a Nocturne that I played in my senior recital in college. I hope to hang these four canvases in my master bathroom soon.

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