Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Organizing your Christmas card pictures

I love receiving Christmas cards every year, especially the ones with pictures that show us how much the kids have grown or the family has changed. But what do you do with those pictures after Christmas? Like many people, I like to display the pictures on my refrigerator, and I would often spend an unholy amount of time arranging them to be just "so." But the tape on the back would eventually get unsticky, Girl would grab any and every one she could reach, and then there was one particular picture that would fall off every single time I opened the door!

So one day I was struck by great inspiration, and I decided to invest in these handy magnetic photo sleeves. They protect my pictures AND easily adhere to the refrigerator. What's not to like? Now the grubby fingers of Girl won't tear up these photos,and my previously cluttered refrigerator door has a cleaner look. Obviously, this is not an original thought, but it made a great transformation to my refrigerator and my sanity. And that works for me.

Front of sleeve (isn't that cute pic of Boy? don't look at the messy counter!)

Back of sleeve

My slightly less cluttered refrigerator door

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